Meet our team.

Meet the team that's tackling the toughest challenges in the world of title, real estate, and mortgage technology. Our leadership combines innovative thinking with years of proven experience.

Ryan Peterson


I am crazy in love with my wife and sons and would rather be with them than anywhere else. Originally a New Englander, I now call Pennsylvania home since it has been good to me (despite inconsistent snowfall). The best days are being with Jody and the boys preferably outdoors or traveling somewhere new. I love my church, excellent coffee, cigars, working in the yard (trying to convince myself and others that it is a farm), and reading. I am a regular at local restaurants, a mediocre runner, proud American, and aspiring beekeeper.

Clint Casabella

Senior Vice President Strategy

Hailing from the great Commonwealth of Kentucky – Bourbon, Horses, and Basketball are in my blood. I am relentlessly competitive (don’t invite me to game night), love to learn, and enjoy good books (I’m open to recommendations). My first, most important, and favorite job is being a husband to my wife and doting father to my four wonderful children. They are the best gifts I could ever receive. Outside of work, whatever my hands find to do, I want them there with me!

Kevin Koon-Koon

Chief Technology Officer

I believe that home is where the heart lies, and home for me is my wife and my two boys. Spending quality time with family is truly consequential, especially relaxing days at the beach. My passion for information technology runs deep. I love building and innovating, but for me, technology is at its best when it creates opportunities to do a job that customers want done.

Mandy Davis

Corporate Legal Counsel

I am a native of Southeastern Pennsylvania with the accent to prove it! I love hoagies, soft pretzels, Hershey Park and faithfully cheer for the Eagles. While I have always loved being active, you would typically find me in a gym playing basketball rather than hiking through the woods. However, my adventurous husband and two high-energy boys have been slowly transforming me into more of an “outdoorsy” person over the past few years. While I still have not taken the courageous step of camping in an actual tent, I am the proud owner of hiking boots that have been used at least once.

Samantha Weaver

Marketing and Events Manager

I handle all things marketing and events at Grid151 and I value every moment of it. To bring a vision into reality is rewarding in any aspect of life, I am just lucky enough to do that daily in this role. My passion for organizing and planning fun themed parties and celebrations only feeds into my eagerness to see what Grid151 will do over the next few years. Outside of work I enjoy traveling, spending time with friends and family, but most importantly I love being a dog mom to my Golden Doodle Harlow.

Dominique Russell

Customer Success Manager

I enjoy my free time traveling especially when I can visit California.